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Our Menu
Pulled Pork Sandwich                  4.95sm  6.95lg
Pork butts dry rubbed and slow smoked for 15 hours, made fresh daily. Pulled fresh from the bone with your choice of sauce. Ask for dry cole slaw on top for a Southern style sandwich!

Brisket Sandwich                            6.95sm  8.95lg
Slow smoked Beef Brisket, made fresh daily. Enjoy our sliced Texas Style Brisket on a home made bun. Try it with our Sweet St. Louis Sauce!

Cliff Combo                                        6.95sm  8.95lg 
Inspired by one of our favorite customers! Try a combination of our pulled pork and brisket all on one bun, with your choice of sauce!  

Brats                                                                3.95
Slow smoked bratwursts with your choice of onions, green peppers, and our homemade Bad Ass Brat Sauce!

Burnt Ends (Brisket Candy)                  8.95
The most tender cut of our beef brisket gets re-rubbed and re-smoked for a mouth watering bite of brisket candy!

The Steve                                                        9.95
Brisket, pulled pork, and a brat on the same piled high on the same bun. All layered with three of our sauces: Sweet St. Louis, Sweet Heat, and the Bad Ass Brat Sauce.

Pulled Pork Tacos                      2 for $5.95
Fresh fried taco shells stuffed with pulled pork, cabbage, cheese, green peppers, onions, black olives, and jalapenos! All layered with thin sauce.

Pulled Pork Nachos                            $9.95
Fresh fried chips stacked with pulled pork, salsa, cabbage, cheese, green peppers, onions, black olives, and jalapenos! All layered with thin sauce. 

The Chuck
every meat we sell on the same bun
Ours sauces are homemade.  We have our Sweet St. Louis sauce, Sweet Heat, Thin sauce(thin Vinigar with a bit of a bite) and Bad Ass Brat Sauce (mustard base sauce, also great on pork).Sweet heat which has just a bite and if you dare....Nitro -  Ask for a taste!
Our ribs are seasoned and topped with a mild sweet mop that we refer to as"hog wash" for that extra goodness
Full Slab                           18.95  
1/2 slab                             14.95

Call to reserve your ribs (get'em while we got'em)

Chicken Wings.........................................6.95/6 piece
Chicken Wings.......................................10.95/12 piece

Sides                          $1.95

"Kick your mother in the teeth"
Southern Fried Potato Salad- Served hot & spicy, fried potatos mixed with green peppers and onions topped off with a homemade sauce.

Baked Beans- Our homemade baked bean recipe includes chunks of beef for extra flavor!

Potato Salad (Regular)- A mustard based potato salad, great for a hot day!

Cole Slaw- Southern Style cole slaw, made with crunchy fresh creamy cole slaw and apple vinegar!

Seasoned French Fries- 2.95

Smoked Mac n Cheese - 2.95

We now serve our specials daily:
 Corned Beef/Redneck Rueban 8.95
 Pork Chop  5.95
 Pulled Chicken 6.95

Catering - Call or come see us for pricing

Special  Meats

Whole Briskets
Whole Turkeys 
Prime Rib 
Call about any special orders

Book your wedding now!

Kids meal with chicken nuggets or kid size pulled pork.  Fries and drink included ..........$4.95